About Phat Le

Phat is a technology entrepreneur that was born in Vietnam, raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and lives in San Francisco, California. At the age of 20, Phat dropped out of college while studying aerospace engineering with a scholarship from the US Navy. Since dropping out, Phat has built multiple apps for the transportation industry, was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Jaguar Land Rover, and was rewarded the $100K Thiel Fellowship from Peter Thiel (founder of PayPal & first angel investor in Facebook) for being one of the top college dropout entrepreneurs.

As a technology entrepreneur, Phat has seen what malnutrition, sickness, anxiety, depression, stress, and burnout has done to himself and those around him so he pioneered a new wellness system to overcome those challenges. After personally curing himself of anxiety, depression, chronic stress, inflammation, and ADHD, he launched 10xPRB to help entrepreneurs 10x their productivity and become resistant to burnout. 10xPRB’s top-rated online wellness bootcamp helps entrepreneurs work smarter, think faster, stay focused longer, and become resistant to burnout and sickness in 6 weeks using cutting edge science and practical step by step application.

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