About Phat Le

Phat is an American entrepreneur that lives in San Francisco, CA. At the age of 20, Phat dropped out of college while studying aerospace engineering with a scholarship from the US Navy. Since dropping out, Phat has led teams that have built products for the transportation industry, was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Jaguar Land Rover, and has been awarded the $100K Thiel Fellowship from Peter Thiel (founder of PayPal & first angel investor in Facebook) for being one of the top college dropout entrepreneurs.

"To date, companies created by Thiel Fellows are worth more than $8 billion combined (not including Thiel fellow-created Ethereum, a computing network with a cryptocurrency market cap of $30 billion as of June 16)." — Business Wire

Phat is currently the Founder of 10xPRB, an online biohacking coaching platform. 10xPRB helps stressed out entrepreneurs work smarter, think faster, and focus longer in just 6 weeks. At 10xPRB, our philosophy is: If we want better outputs—to have more energy and focus, to be free of disease, to have a better memory, to perform optimally in business and athletics—then let’s tweak the things we put into our body, mind, and environment to stack the deck in our favor. That is what it means to “biohack” your body and mind for success.

If you’re interested in working smarter, thinking faster, and focusing longer then go to 10xPRB.com and watch a FREE Training Video.

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